Interruption of services IDC 1 - April 26th

Event: On Tuesday April 26th, 2022, at 8:36 hours (CDT), there was an intermittence in all the services of IDC #1.

Services affected:  Internet Data Center #1 - AUS. Specific shared hosting servers with web and database services, Mail Pro service as well as primary SiteRemote server and certain VPS servers.


  • 8:40 hrs CDT. Our support team is troubleshooting probable causes and looking for a solution.   An engineer has been dispatched to IDC to physically check all the servers, connections & hardware.
  • 9:30 hrs CDT. Our engineer arrives at IDC and he determines that the cause of the issue is related to Cisco firewall device that is responding intermittently.   We proceed to request a backup firewall device to replace the failed one.
  • 11:25 hrs CDT. The bakcup device arrives and it is implemented.  We proceed to install the firewall configuration (from our backup) to re-establish services.
  • 13:05 hrs CDT. After several attempts, the new device is not accepting the backup configuration so we proceed to manually load a new configuration. 
  • 14:03 hrs CDT. Services begin to be re-established gradually.  
  • 16:05 hrs CDT. All affected services has been restored successfully.  

Any further updates will be notified here.

If you need further help, please raise a support ticket.

We apologize for the inconveniences that this might have caused.   We thank you for your patience and understanding.  Hardware, software & infrastructure in general can fail eventually, but our support team is always ready to solve any incidence in the most efficient and prompt way.

Tech Support Team