Migration Notification

Alveni Cloud notifies that on May 29, 2021 a Migration will be performing on our Mail PRO services.

START: May 29, 2021 18:00 PM (CDT) .
END: May 30, 2021 18:00 PM (CDT) .

Objetive: Migrate the primary MailPRO service to a new enhanced, faster & more reliable server environment to improve MailPRO performance.

Note: During the maintenance, the secondary email server will continue to receive incoming emails.

-6:00pm, May 29th. Migration process starts.
- 4:32 am (CDT). Monday May 31st.  Migration finalizes.  All the Mail Pro  services are running as expected as of 4:30 am (CDT) Monday May 31st.

We will keep monitoring the MailPro systems. If you have any issues, please contact our support team.  Thanks for your patience!