How to request the change of DNS in my domain


1.- To have domain contracted with Alveni Cloud

2.- Having the Domain active and without debt


You want to change the authoritative DNS servers for one or more domains that were registered with Alveni Cloud.

When carrying out the process of DNS changes, the hosting service that you have under Alveni Cloud for that domain will be inactive.

Follow the following steps.


1.- Request to Alveni Cloud the change of DNS through a case / support ticket in which you will specify the domain (s) in question and the DNS server change letter will be attached with your data and signed. (To make the ticket request click on the following link).

If you have never raised a support case, it will be necessary to register in the portal to be able to register your case.

Download Letter to change DNS servers

2.- After the data has been filled correctly in the ticket and sent to the technical support center of Alveni Cloud, a reply will be sent to the email account that you entered and will mention that the ticket is being attended.

3.- Alveni Cloud technical support staff will answer your request as soon as possible and as soon as the requested change has been made, you will be given a response with the solution.

More information.

It is very important to have the backup of your files before making the DNS change, since once the DNS change is made, your site will no longer be managed by Alveni Cloud and will not be responsible for lost information.