How can I migrate my domain to another provider?



To transfer your domain managed by Alveni Cloud to another provider, it will be carried out through a process in which mention will be made through the following points. There are two scenarios of this process:

a) Only migrate the domain to another provider, but leave the hosting with Alveni Cloud.
b) Migrate both the domain and the hosting to another provider.




1.- To make the migration of your domain to a new hosting provider you have to request through a case of support to Alveni Cloud. This is done by clicking on the section Send a case from our Support Portal or using the following link:


Send a support case


2.- When sending the support case, you must fill out the domain transfer letter (Scenario A) and / or cancellation of hosting (Scenario B) with the data mentioned in it, signed and with the logo of the company as well as the signature of the legal representative and / or owner of the transfer domain. This scanned letter must be attached to the case from the portal.

Scenario A. Only migrate domain to another provider.

Download Domain Migration Letter

Scenario B. Migrate domain and hosting to another provider.

Download Letter of Cancellation of Hosting and Migration of domain

3.-Once the case is sent with the letter that includes the requested data, Alveni Cloud will send you the Transfer Codes of the requested domain (s) in a period of 24 to 48 hrs. These should be provided by you to your new provider who will manage your domain / hosting service.

Note: In order to make a domain transfer, it must not present any debit. The transfer can be made maximum 20 days in advance of the expiration date of the same.

4.- Your new hosting provider must request the domain change within 3 days of receiving the information and Alveni Cloud will authorize it. Once authorized, Alveni Cloud will no longer be the administrator of the domain, and the new provider will be the new administrator of your domain (Registrar). Therefore, any configuration, change and / or payment related to the domain will be the responsibility of the new provider (Registrar).


Important terms:

- Register - Is the name of the domain administrator company. It is the company that configures the DNS servers to which the domain points, and to whom the domain must be paid / renewed.

- Registrant - Is the name of the person who bought the domain, to whom the domain is registered and, therefore, owner of it.
- Transfer codes - They are generated by the current Registrar and are provided to the new Registrar for him to make the request for transfer of a domain.


More information:

Once the aforementioned changes have been made and the Registrar has changed, Alveni Cloud will no longer be responsible for it and you will have to make any request that involves your domain to your new provider. The DNS should be changed at the moment of making the change request to Register or when it has already been migrated since it will be deactivated if additional migrate the domain, the hosting service was canceled.