Account blocking by sending SPAM

The email account (Account name) has been blocked because it is sending SPAM.

We ask you to carry out the security measures based on it, change the password, scan the computer where the account is configured with antivirus, check the internal network for viruses, check account settings in Outlook.

It is necessary to first clean your computer (s) that have that email account configured (not only one but all those that have it).

Additionally we have changed the password for a much safer and different from the one that had same that we share below:


New Password:


It is absolutely important if you want to change the password that is not the same or similar because it would re-present the problem and we recommend using the following password generator page in order to be a password with greater security: https: // passwordsgenerator. net /


For passwords in general of your domain, it is very important to use passwords such as vz6LZnTl that are more difficult to "guess" by spam programs and never use passwords like domain name, address, phone or similar.


Once these actions have been carried out, the email account will be unblocked, in case of re-offending it will be blocked for 72 hours and / or indefinitely.

To enter the email account, once you have received an email confirmation of unlocking the account, log in via: or mail. (Your domain) using the new password provided.