How to share files from "File Storage"

  1. Access your account from the webmail
  2. Locate the Menu and select “File Storage” 

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  1. Make a folder inside Root Folder making a right click on it and select “New Folder”.
  2. Type a name for your folder and select Save.
  3. Now that the folder has been created, we can Upload the files we want to share.
  4. A small screen will pop up, here you can select the files that you want to share and select Open. We can monitor the upload here.
  5. In order to share the recently uploaded file, you click on it and a few options will appear.

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You can enable or disable public access, select an expiration date for the file to be able to be downloaded, add a password for security reasons and copy the download link. After making the changes you need, you hit on Save.