Sitekiosk - Offline start page and background

Listed in here is the path and process to replace the background image and the Offline start page both locally and using siteremote. Local options are managed by Alveni. If you, the client, need to make a change please follow the steps listed under "Via Siteremote" or contact Alveni for support.

1. .../SiteKiosk/Bitmaps/watchdog_bg.jpg
This is the background image of the SiteKiosk Software Watchdog. This can be seen, for example, if SiteKiosk restarts during run time.

2. C:\ProgramData\PROVISIO\SiteKiosk\files\apps\siteCasterCMS\player_default_img.png
Create a custom SiteCaster placeholder image at this location. The file will be displayed when no SiteCaster project is running. 

Via Siteremote:
3. The image can also be changed by using the file upload job on a SiteRemote Server. You want to create a new job and add the Add Task - Action Type - File Upload - Add. You can save this as a template. 
To upload a job you need to acces Siteremote, then Sitekiosk, select jobs on the upper part of the screen and scroll down to "Job Templates" in here you need to select "Change Digital Signage Idle Image"
The file name should never change "player_default_img.png". The Path is not standard, you have to list it as "C:\ProgramData\PROVISIO\SiteKiosk\files\apps\siteCasterCMS\"
You want to "Overwrite" existing files. See attached. 

Note: The default placeholder image for SiteCaster (player_default_img.png) is stored at:
The default image is part of the SiteCaster app. If the SiteRemote Server is rolling out an updated app version the file will be replaced.