How can I use Rewrite Rules?

The websites hosted on Alveni Cloud allow you to use Rewrite Rules.

We put at your disposal the ISAPI_Rewrite Tool an overwriter based on regular expressions for IIS.

It is compatible with Apache mod_rewrite making it possible to move configurations from Apache to IIS and vice versa just by copying .htaccess files (please see the following compatibility diagram). It is used to optimize search engines, as a proxy for another server's content, avoid hot-linking or reinforce server security.

Main Features of ISAPI_Rewrite:

Same syntax and behavior as Apache mod_rewrite which makes it possible to migrate configurations just by copying the .htaccess file. Read more about compatibility with mod_rewrite here.
Regular expressions for powerful and flexible configurations.


To learn more about how to implement this tool visit the following link that contains some examples of its use.