Configuring Enterprise Mail Chat

Enterprise Mail (Mail Pro) now has a built in chat. This can be used by all users of the same domain to keep all communicate internal. Any chat client that support this protocol XMPP can be use with Enterprise Mail.

Follow these steps to connect Enterprise Mail chat:
  1. Open your program. (Pandion, Adium, iChat, IM, IM+..)
  2. Click Register a new instant messaging address. (If required)
  3. Enter your display name and click Next.
  4. In the Server Information field, enter your domain, such as
  5. Enter your Enterprise Mail username (i.e. jsmith) and password.
  6. Click Connection Settings.
  7. Enter the IP address of the Enterprise Mail server or you can enter the domain name (i.e.,
  8. In the Resource field, enter a word that is unique for all of your other clients
  9. Select the Use TLS encryption if available checkbox.(If required)
  10. Click OK.

If assistance is needed, enter to generate a support ticket