WiFi card install on a PartnerTech device

After unplugging the device from the power source, we will need to remove the screws located on the back side of the screen. We will also remove the screws on both sides and on the bottom of it, in order to take off the metal cover on the back.

Once we have the screen on a table, we're going to see this:

We will have to remove this grey metal plaque. So, carefully disconnect the green/black wire from the board and also the brown flex cable located on the top of the screen, like this:

Slowly pull the plastic up until you hear a click, in order to release the flex cable

Before removing the metal plaque, unscrew the power button as well, like shown on the images below.

After this, we separate the plaque from the plastic frame, we proceed with the WiFi card installation, the kit comes with the card, adapter, and two antennas.

Separate the antennas from the card and adapter; we'll have to stick the antennas to the screen frame, trying to place them as high as possible without crossing the red line.

Then we screw the adapter with the card to the board, like this:

Then we connect the antennas to the card again, and assemble everything. 

If you have any question during this process, you can request for assistance via a support ticket.